What is Candidate Seeker

What is Candidate Seeker?

Candidate Seeker is a patented system which keeps career minded professionals informed of job opportunities when they become available while maintaining the individual's privacy and control over their own career data. candidateseeker.com collects professional profiles into a PRIVATE data warehouse. Client employers submit a job notification via Internet, email, fax or voice. The data store is queried by a Candidate Seeker Query Artist, based on the qualifications required, and a targeted group of email addresses is assembled .

A "Job Opportunity" message is reviewed and edited by a Candidate Seeker representative and merged with the selected email addresses. Unlike bulk e-mail, the messages are sent individually directly to each recipient's mail service. Unlike "BCC" and other bulk e-mailing techniques, candidates know exactly who sent the message -- Candidate Seeker. And, they know the name of the sponsoring employer.

Only candidateseeker.com and YOU, the candidate, will know that a job opportunity notice was sent your way. Employers using candidateseeker.comnever see the list of notice recipients.

   Only you can submit a resume or initiate contact with the employer. If you like the job, then hit the reply key. If not, trash the notice. From time to time, you might forward a notice to a qualified friend.


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